Homemade sugarfree cordial


After a week of just trying to stay awake, being woken up once every hour throughout the night by a screaming baby, it is now finally time for a simple recipe here.

We had some guests here the other week and has been snacking on leftover cakes ever since. Eating so much sugar made me think of how much sugar Owen will be eating/drinking as he gets older, so I decided to try to make some cordial to see if I can make it as tasty and refreshing as the shop bought sugar packed stuff. It turned out surprisingly nice! As it is in the middle of the winter berries and fresh fruits are not really in season so I used the frozen stuff. Next time I would add watermelon to get a sweeter taste.


Recipe: Sugarfree cordial

1 l water

5 dl (approx 2 cups) frozen berries mix

2 cinnamon sticks

0,5-1 tsp vanilla powder

Add all ingredients in a pan and boil for approx 20 minutes. When it has thickened pour it through a towel to get a smooth concentrate. Dilute with water when served.


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