Baby food: Apple, banana & orange purée

I am getting a little bit bored with the apple sauces I am making for Owen (all though he seems pretty happy with them) and am trying to think of new combos. Here is one with banana and orange!APPLE, BANANA2apple ban

Recipe: Apple, banana & orange purée

1 kg apples

3-4 bananas

1 orange

Peel and core the apples and chop them into small bits. Put in a pan and add a tiny bit of water to start the boiling process. Let it simmer on low heat until the apples have gone soft. Let it cool down and add the bananas. Blend to a smooth purée and stir in the juice from the orange.



How to freeze baby food into small portions


There are of course many ways of freezing baby food. To get small portions I put the purées (which have cooled down) in an ice cube tray which I have sprayed with rapeseed oil. When the food is frozen I get the cubes out of the tray and put them in a container in the freezer. Label the container with content and date to keep track of how old the food is getting. You can then defrost as many cubes as you like. Simple!

I defrost them by putting them in the fridge for a few hours or in the microwave.


Welcome to my new blog

Garlic and spice…. and all things nice.

A few years ago I wrote a blog about my life as a Swedish student in England. Fast forward 6-7 years and I am back in Sweden with my husband and our 5 month old son. I used to love cooking when we lived in England. However, the stress of a busy job here in Sweden slowly made me too tired to enjoy cooking or trying out new recipes. Being on maternity leave really has given me time to start planning our weekly meals properly, enjoy cooking again and now embrace the new challenges of introducing food to a baby belly. This has inspired me to start a new blog focusing on this new chapter of my life. This blog will most likely focus on baby food but also recipes for “grown ups” and anything else interesting enough to be in writing. There is enough blogs out there about healthy eating – I do not expect this to be another one of those.